History of Francesco
pizzaiole for more than 40 years

Born in 1958 in Naples (Italy), Francesco and his three brothers depart very early of the family to engage in restoring tread. 13 Years old he was apprenticed in a Neapolitan pizzeria and gradually rose through the ranks. Very quickly, he is confronted in the development of the dough pizza mingled with hand and arm. Machines do not exist!
Follow upholstery and wood-fired cooking. It took him 4 years before being considered as a professional pizzaiole. At the same time, Francesco learns the kitchen and refines his apprenticeship in Calabria and then in Venice.
It was in Paris that he achieved fame who ranks amongst the (if not the) most requested pizzaiole.
After years of working for others, he decided in 2001 to open that you will designate as the smallest but the best pizzeria in Paris: Le Petit Naples.
2009 marks a turning point: he followed his wife in his native region of Bordeaux. Cadillac is their fall, the adventure continues...