Authentic Neapolitan pizza

The authentic pizza, such as preparing Francesco, was born in Naples in the South of the Italy. Once flat of the poor, it was a paste with a little tomato and olive oil. It is time that the mozzarella, ham, mushrooms and tutti quanti have enriched this specialty that has conquered the world.
Today, unfortunately, the pizza has become an industrial product. There on the fingers of the hand are professionals who are still working its Paste as once with the right ingredients. Francesco is one of those. This is why it was the most requested pizzaiole of Paris for more than 20 years. In addition to the recipe, and healthy products, it has a knowledge do irreplaceable.

La tartuffa 15€00
Margherita 10€40
Regina 11€00
Al crudo 13€50
Végétarienne 11€50
Capri 11€30
Campione 11€00
Vesuviana 12€00
Quattro formaggi 12€00

Sicilienne 11€50
Chef 11€00
Quattro stagioni 12€00
Du Petit Naples 11€40
Stefano 11€50
Calzone 11€00
Napoli 11€00
Anna 13€00
Bolognese 11€70
La tonnata 13€00

Supplément pizza : +2€
Jambon de pays : +3€